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 Raxen's Info

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Basic Info

Name: Raxen
Proof of Existence: The Twisted Advent
Weapon: Twin Hook Swords named "Rise"
Elemental / Power: Nothingness
World of Origin: Euclid, a world that resided in the twilight. It was a world where refugees of heartless attacks came, and so did Raxen. It had an small militia force for fighting heartless, and the threat was pretty small.....until a few years that Raxen arrived. A few events would soon lead to unravel the world and lead to it's conquering by heartless hordes, many lost their hearts, few fled. It is abandoned to this day and only those who Raxen himself escorts there know of it.


Bio's & other Info

Original Name: Raen, his birthname was Quid, he changed it after certain events that will not be revealed until later.
Age: 17, add that with his years as a nobody and he is chronologically 19, nearing up on 20.
Gender: Male
Race: Was Human, became a Nobody
Occupation: Leader of the new organization after his first one fell apart, the new Organization Eternal
Lesser Nobodies: Thorns and Xemnas' Sorcerers are under his command, though through his ability he controls all denizens of that realm.

Physical Description
Hair: A regular Teal
Eyes: Amber
Complexion: Light Dark skin, you could say Tan
Height: 6 feet
Weight: Around 180
Distinguishing Marks: He has a mole on the left side of his face. He is as well one of the few people with a his skin colour in his organization.
Clothing/Appearance: He has a specialized coat, made to fit him with short sleeves, they roll out if needed. It is custom made with white and black cloth, gold embroidery on the edges and sleeves. It goes to his hips and has the symbol of eternal in the front of it all. He has fingerless gloves. He wears khaki pants as well. This is all made from the same material as the regular standard organization coats, effectively protecting him from negative effects of darkness and traveling through portals of darkness. His boots are mostly white with gold.

Personality: Since his time at the beginning, he has evolved from to be much more emoting, despite his nobody nature. Few people have convinced him that emotions could exist after being a nobody. He still keeps traits of being secretive and mostly being alone, he enjoys when his plans come together efficiently and quick though that almost never happens. He tends to be distrustful to most, especially those with hearts. The few that he aren't worried about he'll be a bit affectionate towards at least.
He is rather cynical and is sarcastic a lot. He takes most things into consideration and into how it will all work out, though it leads to him being impulsive at most times. He is stubborn if he has something he is devoted to, and will stick to it with no end. He is rather unforgiving when things happen, even to himself and carries a weight on his shoulders most have told him doesn't matter. No matter how many people tell him otherwise that he can let it go he still hasn't to this day. Even if when friendly he is sure to distance himself considerably from others, not wanting to become too involved with them. When he does he can be a bit reluctant to open up. He is too work oriented, and can explode easily with his short temper.

Traits: He will always have a cup of coffee on him, people and past lovers have even told him he tastes/smells of it. He speaks with calmness most of the times and often uses most of his time complaining about his members not doing much work. He is rarely seen sleeping or eating, one would suspect he does it off world or in the time he is away.
Skills: He entered the militia that was on Euclid at a young age due from personal training from the captain and leader. His step brother Reevis Hondre. He is in good physical condition and exercises routinely each day. He is adept with weapons and can hold his own without powers. Vice versa he is an expert with what he does with his powers. He developed powers in using darkness, which resulted in his likewise powerful heartless (deceased)
Now being the sole holder of his darkness he wields it efficiently, though it wastes energy quick.
Likes : Coffee, training, and mission reports, what did you expect? HE also loves the scenery of his old home and the people who he's known from the past, Amaya, Reevis....Hondre. The rain.
Dislikes: His darkness, and getting in arguments with others dismissing his authority. Heat and cherries.
Strengths: Expert strategist when calm, enraged or otherwise he is more likely to just jump in and work it out as he goes.
Weaknesses: Because he is still young he often becomes very cocky when dealing with enemies.
Background: He and Amaya both became nobodies as Euclid fell. And was taken to The World That Never Was by Sarxalis, his future third in command. His retained his human form, and Amaya, a dusk. Devoted to saving her he turned to study the past and came across Org. XIII's history. Once done he started the organization once again, making the nobodies rise again into a powerful force. The first organization failed due to Sora once again and betrayers. He and Sora didnt end it with each others lives, but rather peacefully. So they would then work towards destroying the heartless for the realm of lights, and denizens of nothingness' sake. So came the creation of his second organization, Org Eternal.

Recently, his heart was literally broken to pieces by the hands of a past lover's heartless, he cannot turn whole now.

Friends: Xiron, Jinx strangely enough, Tes, and a few others. Xki. And he has a friendly rivalry of sorts with Xabel.
Enemies: Anyone in his way.

History: His first world with his parents, Ceres was overtaken by heartless while Raxen was still Quid and a young age. He ended up in Euclid and ended up in the care of Brythwk Hondre, the patriarch of the world and became part of his family along with his step siblings. Amaya and Reevis. Though he seemed to cope with the loss of his world, the darkness left his mark and slowly took his heart over, he himself learning the powers. The rest however is classified for now, it led to his adoptive family being broken up, and heartless coming to the world.

Affiliation: Organization Eternal
Status: Single

Fighting Style

He can hold his own when battling without the use of his weapons. Being able to avoid attacks with ease and take down others with hand to hand attacks, the attack power is amplified by his element. He is trained in hand to hand efficiently from his experience in Reevis' militia.

And with normal enemies he stays stationary for most of the battle. His weapons are capable of changing their length at will and they attacks as Raxen controls them from a reasonable distance. The two can attack in almost all directions around him and shield attacks by wrapping themselves around him. This way he can take on multiple foes.

If the fight should come to it he will begin to hold his weapons and attack this way. He is very agile and his attacks are made of quick attacks and spins as his hook swords continue to change length. This will speed up as the battle continues, but at the cost of the amount of strength put into the attack.

He has different "gears" of his weapons, each with different abilities and stats suiting the situation. He changes in between these at will to suit him better against the enemies he is facing. His main weapon is "rise"

As well for it, he has a custom suit of armor, made by Xiron himself. He can summon to prevent further damage to his self.

And when concerning his element, He is able to create small portals through which his weapons can travel through to end up behind the enemy or to surprise him. Full body clones of himself can be brought unto the battlefield, they have very low health and can be taken care of fairly easily. He is also capable of shooting torrents of thorn like projectiles, similar to the thorn. He can also make small barriers made up of these thorns to protect himself and others. He can become intangible for a short while.

Like Xemnas he can use the lazer like "aerial blades" and cubes of energy from the realm of nothingness freely, changing the amount of energy put into them at will. He can shape and manipulate the cubes to fit his situations. Making barriers, capturing enemies, or making projectiles. He can summon expanding balls of white surging energy from nothingness and use the same surging energy from those and on his hands to surround his body completely, making touch on him very harmful.

Controlling nothingness he can warp and control beings of nothingness, strip them of their powers or even turn them into lesser forms. He does not use this unless given no other choice but self preservation.


Lesser Nobodies

Raxen controls the remainder of Xemnas’ lesser nobodies, the Sorcerers as well as his own lesser nobodies called Thorns which are similar to him. They have a new appearance. Arms attached to their sides with belts and a sleek colour of changing blue and green hues. Their feet are pointed ends and part looks almost like a rose but, hence their name as their thorn like feet skate and glide across the floor. The attack similar to twilit thorns, summoning the black and white projectiles to attack with while avoiding fighting or being hit with their agility. Their strength isn't as good in return.

Their close range isnt good but efficient against unknowing enemies by attacking with their feet. But long range is best, Their belt like attachments can extend similar to raxen's weapons, and attack from any angle when facing an opponent.

Thus comes the reaction command that isnt too different from how the last ones were. By grabbing on to the belt the moment it tries to strike you, you'll be pulled along for the ride as it returns to regular size, and closer to the thorn, where a devastating blow can be dealt.


"..........tell me....where's amaya?" - Introductions (Upon becoming a Nobody)

"My heart is no more, but it's strange how you can still feel it there...isnt it?"- His belief on the Heart.

"When My time is done there will be only one choice, to fade...and I'm alright with that, because the worlds could use one less problem *chuckle*" - More beliefs of the heart, the heart of all worlds, and even fate itself.

"noted..." - common Quote (i.e. Axel - Got it Memorized. Xigbar - As if)

"Why don’t you vanish?" - getting into a brawl

"Let me see the true nature of the heart." *Summons Weapon* - getting into a brawl

*Gets ready to kill whoever annoys him/zap* - annoyed

".........the hell?"- confused

"tch, lucky" - after being attacked

"Fade!"- Attacking

“Lets stop, Kingdom Hearts is still being worked on, which is exactly why… I still have need for you” - When not attacking in battle

“Hmm, I made a mistake about you”- shocked

”There is no such thing as light or darkness, nothing is all that will remain”- After battle

"If I fade, I'll have no regrets" His outlook on life

“Show me, how much can your heart take?”- When he's feeling confident

“Go away..I’m talking to Kingdom Hearts”- being crude

"I have no where to go after, so this place will be mine home and my grave. Until then I'll enjoy the ride"- His thoughts about his existence.

“Your heart is responsible for where you are now” *smirk* - When he deals the final blow

"...that's right...I have people waiting at home for me....sorry, guess I wont make it back afterall"- Fading
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Raxen's Info
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