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 Noxthajan Info

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PostSubject: Noxthajan Info   Noxthajan Info I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 11:54 pm

Basic Info
Name: Noxthajan
Proof of Existence: The Copycat
Weapon: Laptop
Elemental / Power: Data
World of Origin: Koyeza
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Hair: Black spiky red tips on top and small blue bang to right eye
Eyes: Faded Brown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 147
Distinguishing Marks: Spiky red tip hair,small blue bang and easily nervous when flirted
Weaponry: Uses land mine Claymore to go at foes, throws laptop for explosive if approached to close-quarter combat
Clothing / Appearance: Usual black coat unless going somewhere special

Personal details
Personality: Shy when getting into a more personal conversation, bipolar
Traits: Carries his laptop asking others if they will allow themselves to be scanned
Skills: Scans others to temporarly transform into them till limit time is up or knocked hard
Likes: Sierra mist, learning of others likings especially if they are they are the same to his
Dislikes: Watching others fight, when others get involve into others affairs
Strength: Tries proving himself useful by doing as told with a strong will
Weaknesses: can't understand when some jokes when talking as if normal
Background: Search for better life,entered a building soon finding it to be mansion inside. Finding it abandoned, wandered around in search for wealth. Piled most of the goods by the entrance as he made his way into the library in search of more loot. Finding a book to his interest, opened it up and flipped a few pages. Finding a page with markings as it lead from one word to another, began to read it.

Finding that to gain immortality as a vampire, the first step would be to extract the blood of his family. Having to make a difficult choice, decided he could live longer and happier free from the family he had. After going in stealth to kill the family without anyone knowing of their demise, brought the blood all together in sacks putting them next to the book as he re-looked it over.
The last thing to be needed, was a potion that would glow purple-reddish. Slamming his fist into the desk with frustration thinking he gain nothing and lost it all, found a broken bottle on the ground. It was the potion he searched for. Quickly rushed over to try and collect a few drops from the ground as he put it into another bottle.
Drinks the blood of his family then the potion expecting something to occur. His body glew the faded color of the potion as he smirks laughing "I did it!" Went back to the book and read "You will get the urge to drink blood of others. Ignore the sense, you will pay dearly."
Walked silently down the hall to the main entrance thinking the death he committed to the family he once had. Smiled as he looked at the stuff piled up "Their death will not go to waste." Grab as much of the goods he could before walking out noticing the sun had was begging to set. Not low enough as his skin began to burn,screaming in pain as he ran back into the mansion. Took him awhile to realized his immortality was indeed like a vamp,though not really as one.
Believing he was a vampire,decided to live away from others but come at night for the thirst of blood.
Friends:Lyx, Niox, Xantha, Vixictora and few more
Enemies: Himself though rarely shows it, really tries to stay neutral to those who consider him an enemy
History: After being reborn as Nobody near the tower,wandered around until eventually being found and brought in
Status: Nayax's boyfriend
Fighting Style: Tries close combat by throwing his laptop at them to blow up,sends in the Claymore mines at them while,if battle gets tough to handle,searching through files of those he had scanned


- Introductions: Hey I'm Noxthajan

- His belief on the heart: Something that precious shouldn't be wasted away....

- Common quote (i.e. Axel - “Got it Memorized?” Xigbar - “As if”):...Do I have to?

– getting into a brawl:Give up before things get worse.

- Annoyed: Just leave me alone! I don't want things to get worse!

- Confused:....Must I ask of this?

- Attacked: Gah! You got me?!

- Attacking:I warned you!

- Shocked: How is that possible?!

- Taking orders:I'll do my best,sir

- His outlook on life: I may not have an existence but I'll do my best to continue on

- Confidence: Looks like I got more things than I know

- Being crude: Leave me the hell alone. Myself time

-Thoughts on existence: Was I given a second chance? If not, all I can do is pay for my mistakes....

-When dealing the final blow: Time to put you to rest!

- Fading: It's all over....Just as it should have been in the beggining....
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Noxthajan Info
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