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 Xikya's Character Info

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PostSubject: Xikya's Character Info   Xikya's Character Info I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 30, 2010 5:10 pm

Basic Info

Name: Xikya
Proof of Existence: The Mistress of Books
Weapon: Sheets of Paper
Elemental / Power: Paper
World of Origin: Finality
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hair: Silver/White
Eyes: Red-violet
Complexion: Pale
Height: 5ft6
Weight: Something light, since she’s on the thin side (I’m not entirely sure)
Distinguishing Marks: Hair and eyes, silver phoenix tattoo on her left hand
Race: Was human, now Nobody
Weaponry: Hand-to-hand
Clothing: A shortened version of Eternal’s coat, it goes down to mid-thigh; fingerless gloves; normal pants and boots; phoenix pendent; locket

Personal details

Personality: She’s happier nowadays, and still calm. Still wary to those she doesn’t know, but more willing to accept them. Due to being infected with Crysis’s Darkness, when she gets angry she goes into a murderous rage unless someone or something calms her down before it can get to that stage.
Traits: Calm, observant, loyal, protective, open minded
Skills: Origami folding, hand-to-hand combat, somewhat stealthy
Likes: Rain, snow, coffee, tea, origami, reading
Dislikes: Extreme heat, deserts, summer, getting sick, spiders
Strength: Close-ranged fighting (with or without weapons), performing recon
Weaknesses: Extreme long range fighting
Background: Someone had forced her through a portal to Skyscraper Plaza, and out of curiosity she went and found Organization Eternal, leading to her decision to join it.
Family: Raxen and their daughter (In turn, she is now related to: Xiron, Daryl (Xiron's "brother"), Jinx, Tustin, Marya, Xirak, Mesarix, Catherine (Jinx's sister), Lenya (Jinx's father), Xabel, Xeros, Xelda, Zedek Mia, Nero, Rixnae and her baby)
Friends: She’s friendly towards a lot of people, though Noxthajan and Raxen were her first friends in Eternal
Enemies: Mia, *at times* Jinx
History: (Undergoing revision, but you can have the general stuff) Around the age of 15, her neighborhood was caught in the middle of a fight between the Wings of Sedition and the Dark Serpents (Rebels and Military). She fled from the area to the forest, never managing to get the courage to return to the city. Thus, she lived by herself for 4 years, until the Heartless came and took her heart.
Status: Couple (with Raxen), pregnant
Fighting Style: Starts by launching paper needles at the enemy, then mainly uses close-combat with a wide variety of weapons made from paper.

- Introductions: “Hello, I’m Xikya.”
- Belief on the heart: “I’m not sure if I want it back…”
- Common quote (i.e. Axel - “Got it Memorized?” Xigbar - “As if”)
- Getting into a brawl: “Let’s begin, then.”
- Annoyed: “Go away.”
- Confused: “Eh?”
- Attacked: “Hey!”
- Attacking: “Die!”
- Shocked: “What?!”
- Taking orders: “On it.”
- Outlook on life: “It’s cruel.”
- Confidence: “Heh, wanna try again?”
- Being crude: “Shut your fucking mouth before I shove a dagger up your ass!”
- Thoughts on existence: “Fate brought us here, so we may as well enjoy our time here.”
- Dealing the final blow: “Nice knowing you.”
- Fading: “I just hope…someone will remember…”
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Xikya's Character Info
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