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 Xiraks info

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PostSubject: Xiraks info   Xiraks info I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 4:30 pm

Proof of Existence:The untamed claw
Weapon:double stranded bladed whip
Elemental / Power:nature
World of Origin:the pridelands
Hair:long dirty blonde with dark chesnut brown streaks and long silver bangs
Eyes:cat like, black slited pupils with a red ring around the pupil a green ring on the inside of the iris and yellow rest of the iris with red veins spreading out from the pupil.
Complexion:dark skinned
Weight:287 approx
Distinguishing Marks:faint faded marks on her left cheek. she used to have black tear stains but they have slowly faded. she has three parallel claw scars running down her right cheek to her right shoulder.
Race:nobody,used to be a lioness
Weaponry:mostly uses her claws rarely uses her whip.
Clothing / Appearance:generally wears as little as possible usually sporting a red scarf tied around her chest and blue short shorts. wears her org coat un zipped. has a cat like appearance. no fur. she has sharp fangs and long needle like claws.

Personal details
Personality: she is pretty wild and affectionate. shes always up fpr an adventure and often pushes herself to the limits. she often gets in trouble with the supiriors due to her reckless behavior and dangerous nature. shes always looking for a challenge.
Traits:kind,funny,loyal,powerful,reckless,naive,jumps to conclusions,when her soul breaks it breaks hard. holds grudges.vengeful.
Skills: she can do anything on a computer,being as Cid raised her. she can build highly intelligent AI robots and surveilance for teh tower. she is also good at growing things and healing.
Likes:pie,radiant garden,xejan,chocolate milk,mesajinx,everyone at memories skyscraper,except for a few.
Dislikes:vyxil,raen,heartless,liers,traitors,anything healthy,your mother.
Strength:she is a fierce fighter and has a high pain threshold,she will fight to the death to protect her supiriors and fellow nobodies. will die for the organization.
Weaknesses:reckless,doesnt think before she acts,gets herself in tight situations,rash.
Background:She used to live in the pridelands before she became a nobody. She was the daughter of the leader of her pride. the pride she belonged to was a branch off of kovus pride. xirak,previously known as kira,was daughter to one of kovus twin sons,shisari. her fatehr parted company with kovus pride to give his brother a chance to rule as king. shisari and the rest of his pride save for kira were slain one night by a group of rogue lions. Kira, broken hearted and mourning the death of her cub,leana and her mate ga'ran along with her family, limped across the pridelands roaming aimlessly looking for a way to die. then she saw a group of heartless heading for priderock and tried to fight them off,only to lose her heart in the prosses thus becoming nobody.
Family:has a daughter,mesarix and considers all the org eternal as her family.
Friends: jinx,xiron,raxen,xejan,xki,mesa,shade,
Status:currently with xejan 8D
Fighting Style:hand to hand combat with her claws or long range combat with her thorns and vines.


- Introductions: "hello,my names xirak,but you can call me Xi."

- belief on the heart:"I beleive that a being does not need a heart to feel or live. all we truly need is a soul."

- Common quote (i.e. Axel - “Got it Memorized?” Xigbar - “As if”):"by the king"

– getting into a brawl: " you really dont want to mess with me"

- Annoyed: "you have two seconds to get out of my sight"

- Confused: "what? i dont understand!"

- Attacked: " prepare to enter a world of pain and torment"

- Attacking: "heh,take this!"

- Shocked: "w-what do you mean? what happend?!"

- Taking orders: " yes,of course."

- outlook on life: "as long as you have an open mind and soul you will always live life to its fullest"

- Confidence: "heh heh thats right, you cant beat me"

- Being crude: "you can kiss my ass!"

-Thoughts on existence: " i beleive I truly exist. I do not need a heart in order to be accepted by societly i only need a good personality and a soul"

-When dealing the final blow: "You were never strong enough"

- Fading: "....I fought for you....till my last breath....I love you.."
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Xiraks info
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