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 Mesajinx Info

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PostSubject: Mesajinx Info   Mesajinx Info I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 9:21 pm

Basic Info
Name: Mesajinx but goes by Jinx
Proof of Existence: The Vindictive Gourmet
Weapon: A massive pan which she affectionately calls ‘Steve’, a set of kitchen knives dedicated to battle and one elf made knife Xiron had commission for her on his home world.
Power: Molecular Reconstruction
World of Origin: She was raised in Travers Town though it’s been recently discovered that she’s from Russia (Anastasia)

Bio's and Other Information
Somebody Name: Jasmine
Age: Just turned 19 at death
Gender: Female
Race: Nobody, previously human
Occupation: Cook
Lesser Nobodies: the thieves

Physical Description
Hair: Thick and black with varying blues though she will streak purple through sometimes. It started rather short but over time she’s allowed it to grow out again to just past her shoulders.
Eyes: Slate Blue with white pupils
Complexion: Very fair
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 153 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: And orange heart tattoo on the back of her left shoulder, a tramp stamp on her lower back.
Clothing/Appearance: If she has to wear her uniform, she ties it behind her and rolls up the sleeves to keep it out of her way and avoid overheating.
If she can get out of it, blue jeans and tank tops. She prefers clothing that’s too big for her and also has something against shoes. Her feet are constantly bandaged because of this.
She has quite a bit of jewelery now, particularly in piercings, three on her left ear, one of her right, a lip stud and a belly button piercing. She wears several jelly bracelets on her right wrist. Around her neck is a necklace given to her by Xiron that was taken from a nobody hunter.

Personality: On a good day, understanding and surprisingly calm. She can loving and gentle, willing to bend over backwards to help anyone.
On a BAD day, she’s self centered, cruel, petty and violent. Jinx has issues coping with many things from deep rooted insecurities to shallow disliking for people. Despite being a loud mouth, she finds is difficult to properly express how she feels and everything usually ends up as rage. She’s also stubborn to the point of hurting herself and easily offended which really doesn’t help. Thankfully Xiron is always there to settle her down and force her emotional mess through a sieve to find what the real problem is.
If you can get to the root of her though, under all the bad language, threats and immature behavior, she has a mature side to her. The true Jinx is a kind and generous young woman. Her love for cooking springs from her desire to make others happy. Though she fail spectacularly as a mother, watching her with other people’s children, animals and even a few select members of eternal, her mothering instinct is obvious.
Traits: Stubborn and opinionated, it’s hard to make her budge on any topic she feels strongly about. Otherwise, if no fights start, she’s playful and light hearted.
Skills: Of course cooking, she’s not only creative but resourceful in the kitchen. Cooking for Eternal has taught her to cope with many dietary requirements, food allergies and strange preferences (including cannibals). She can also scrub a bathroom so clean you could eat off the toilet seat. She’s a skilled thief and not only can she use just about any weapon you throw at her, but she can use just about anything she finds as a weapon.
Likes: Cooking and cleaning (though she won’t admit that part). She enjoys taking things apart, occasionally with high explosives, as well as hiding things in strange places. Often you can find her working on her graffiti murals, cliff diving, climbing random high structures, dancing in the kitchen/at a party/in her room/with herself, growing deadly bacterial cutlers, starting bar room brawls or just being a shit disturber in some shape way or form.
Dislikes: Missions with a passion, though only really because Raxen yells at her to do them. She’s not fond of training or cleaning the fridge. She despises people who think they’re better than her and can’t stand people acting like she’s invisible.
Strengths: Her speed is rather impressive as well as her agility and flexibility. Her ability to use any and everything as a weapon can be useful. If her mind is truly set on something, she will obtain it.
Weaknesses: Though swinging her pan has given her rather impressive upper body strength, she’s not really that strong when it comes to landing a hit. She’s easily distracted and not always the quickest to react. Her own self doubt is her greatest weakness.
History: For years, Jinx though her mother simply hated her, she didn’t know the root reason and she honestly didn’t care. The woman who she would later learn was actually her adopted mother, was cruel and violent, screaming at her daily and driving the young girls self esteem into the ground. The constant abuse left Jinx with hatred for authority, fear of never being good enough at anything, a difficulty sorting her emotions out (everything turns to anger because it was never safe to be sad), and very easily crushed self worth.
It wouldn’t be until her second life time that she’d discover her origins where on another world. Her key barer father had taken her to Travers Town where their world came under heartless attack and left her there to go back and try to help fend off the invasion. Her young age at the time cause her to forget anything before her adopted mother.
After falling to a heartless attack on her 19th birthday as she was leaving work, she was reborn as a nobody and took off as soon as she realized what happened, cutting her hair short and leaving everything behind to start life anew.
She was alone in the worlds for around 3 or 4 years, jumping from place to place and stealing whatever she needed. Somewhere along the way, she ran across a fellow nobody who hinted towards their kind having a home, though she never got their name or even face hidden under the black hood. This did however give her a goal, to find that world and more like herself.
Eventually she literally ran into Xirak in Halloween Town and they immediately clicked. They became travel companions but quickly formed a bond near stronger then family. Together they continued Jinx’s vague search for the nobodies home world until one day several months later when all the pieces fell into place and they found the way.
Family: Her adopted family in Travers Town consisting of her mother who recently died and her sister who still cares about her. She knows almost nothing about her biological family. Her father is a key barer though she still doesn’t know much about her real mother.
Friends: Xab and Xeros, Xirak and Xejan, Xiron of course, as well as Xki, Nahxs, Xanit (at least she thinks so) and many others though she doesn’t see many of them half the time. Though she can’t really call him a friend due to their almost daily arguments, she would really like to have a proper friendship with Raxen and dose actually become jealous when she’s other getting along with him.
Enemies: Apparently Redwex has named her his enemy and with all the times he’s bitten her, Jinx is none to found of Aendmix. She also has several vulgar and long nick names for Raen.
Affiliation: Organization Eternal
Status: after months of awkwardness, she is officially with Xiron
Quick facts:
- agoraphobic
- fully ambidextrous
- acts like an idiot when in truth, she can be quite brilliant
- really can't help swearing as much as she dose
- afraid of lightning
- addictive personality
- a bit of a slut bit is trying hard to overcome that
- in love with her own ears and considers long pointed ears a status symbol
- can turn into a blue Bengal tiger at any time thanks to Xirak
- has a bad habit of getting frost bitten finger and toes and needing them replaced
- would happily stay a nobody forever but will turn human to stay with Xiron

Fighting Style
The first thing Jinx dose in a fight is trying and get behind her opponent. Her speed allows her to more often than not catch her opponent off guard at which point she’ll get on their back if she can manage it. Once there she can strangle them, threaten with a knife to their throat, or just stab the crap out of them from behind. Her knives are really the first thing she grabs for as there is always one someplace on her person. A few good slashes have gotten her out of more than one fight after all, freaking out whoever was coming at her enough that they ran.
If that doesn’t work, she pulls out the big guns. Jinx’s pan weighs at least 50lbs and she can swing it with enough force to take a sizable chunk out of a wall. Her first move with it will be close to her enemy, summoning it to her hand with no warning and trying to nail them broadside.
Once the pan is in her hand, she loses most of her speed but that doesn’t keep her from trying to stay as close to her enemy as possible. She’s a melee fighter at heart and would much rather just beat the ever living shit out of someone then do anything smart or tactical.
The broad surface of the pan can be used to block most attacks but is far from indestructible as well as heat with be transferred to her if she touches the surface. The handle can be removed and used as a spear or beating stick, depending on her mood. The end of it is pointed and has been driven through people more than once.
If a fight starts to get really desperate, she’ll reach for her power. Though she’s finally able to mostly use her ability of molecular reconstruction, it’s far from easy yet. It requires physical contact with an opponent or object and depending on the size of what she’s doing, can drain her to the point of passing out right there. The most powerful account of her abilities use was the shattering of every molecular bond in the body of a human, reducing them to something resembling a puddle of slime.
It’s far more likely though that she’ll grab for wrists, shoulders and occasionally faces. From there a quick burst of energy can shatter the covalent bonds between the molecules making up everything from just their skin, to the muscle and bone underneath depending on how much she puts into it. Stronger molecular bonds also require more energy and for her to truly reconstruct would require an understanding of her own power and the world that she doesn’t possess (and likely never will).
Her personal favorite way to fight though, she has to avoid using. If in an emergency though, changing into her tiger form can be incredibly beneficial. The massive increase in size can make her wounds feel far less significant as well as the considerable increase in physical strength. The sudden transformation can also startle the shit out of an unsuspecting foe and give her the moment of surprise she needs to get a killing blow in.

Jinx’s lesser nobodies, the thieves, are in no way for fighting. Standing at a little over 1 foot at best, the little guys are basically useless in a fight. They are however industrious, intelligent and quick as all hell.
True to their name, they have a tendency to steal all kinds of things, ranging from paper clips and pencils to weapons, munny and grandfather clocks.
Jinx has a tendency to name them as well. Monty, Tobi, Steve, Gloria and Joe are by far the best known of the thieves, each with their own personality and tendencies. Monty for example is surprisingly brave and frighteningly defensive when it comes to his home. He’s got a slight ego and has been knows to fix things with god awful amounts of duck tape.
The race as a whole though seems to be at war with the goblins Xejan brought with him from his home world. The noises within the walls have been knows to drive those with sensitive ears batty.


Introductions – Who the hell...? INTRUDER! What...waddaya mean newbie?

Her belief on the heart - I've never had a moment where I felt incomplete. Alone and afraid? Yes but never incomplete. So I don't care if I ever get it back

Common quote - ‘Ah hell’ ‘Fair enough’ “Ow...’

Getting into a brawl – Bitch wanna piece of this? BRING IT ON!

Annoyed – You are harshing my mellow

Confused -

Attacked - Ah! Oh FUCK you man!

Attacking - Rawrzorz bitch!

Shocked - No fucking lie

Taking orders: ......hows about....No?

Her outlook on life - We lived once. But when we died, we got a second chance at life as nobodies. We should consider this a gift and use it to do all the things we didn't get to do the first time.

Confidence - CONFIDENCE! I HAS IT!

Being crude – Bitch fuck off

Thoughts on existence - You can chooses to exist or not to but if what's worrying you is your purpose for existing, don't. If you're here, you're meant to be and that's what matters. Just enjoy it. -

When dealing the final blow -Bitch got told!

Fading – well....this sucks no?

Sound Track
Ordinary Day by Great Big Sea
Bitch by Meredith Brooks
Sunday Morning After by Amanda Marshal
Anything But Ordinary by Avril Lavigne[center][left]
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Mesajinx Info
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