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 Anxeam's Info

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Basic Info

Name: Anxeam
Proof of Existence: The Melody Mistress
Weapon: Conductor's Baton
Elemental / Power: Sound
World of Origin: Christmas Town
Age: Almost 19 when whe became a nobody.
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Fair to medium
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Well, she has a green nobody tatoo on the outside of her left leg. Never takes her headphones off and has extremely long, red hair.
Race: Elf then Nobody
Clothing / Appearance: She's rarely seen without her coat on. The clothes under it are unique, however. She wears a coat-like shirt that shows off her middrift, is torn to pieces at the bottom and closes with a large golden button. Her boots have no heels, exclamtion points acting as the tred, though few see this. Her pants have the left leg torn off to reveal her tatoo but are otherwise intact. A black choker decorates her neck, an exclamtion mark attatched to the jewlery. Headphones hide her pointed ears and are never taken off.

Personal details

Personality: Polite but vacant in expression, she's usually very calm and neutral about the things around her. Is very convinced that she is without heart and can, therefore, not feel any emotion. It is very unusual for her to show anything other than her normal vacant or serious ones. Music can bring out these emotions and expressions but she's usually alone when she listens to it. Also, her tongue shifts between sharp and blunt. It's blunt, more often than not, so be prepared for her honest answer if you ask her something.

She's very patient and accepting of most people but it takes a while for people to be considered her friend. Not one to pry, she won't ask questions unless she's sure it's okay. Needless to say, she is very respectful of privacy and in general. In fact, unless you tell her not to, she will call you sir or miss rather than address you by your name most of the time. Refuses to call anyone by their nickname unless they express a dislike of their actual, full name.

If you become her friend, you'll find she loyal and dedicated, if you haven't already. Betrayal is something she finds rather disgusting. Caring is another word to discribe her but she'll deny it heavily. Also, you'll see she's not that good at arguing and will often just agree to whatever just to get out of an arguement.
Traits: Anxeam is always quiet about her movements and is rarely heard or noticed until she chooses to be. Polite and respectful, she bows frequently to people of a higher rank. Likes to avoid drama and conflict but somehow it finds her anyways.
Skills: She can mute people she finds annoying but it only lasts for an hour at most. Can also listen into conversations, sounds and people with the help of her headphones. Not to mention, she can sew and work with her hand really well.
Likes: Cold, Snow, Nighttime, Music, Loyalty, Halloween Town, Sewwing, Manners and has taken a liking to lemonade during her stay.
Dislikes: Heat, Fire, Silence, Betrayal
Strength: She very loyal and dedicated. She's usually very calm and has strong magic.
Weaknesses: Music can unhenge her emotions and she has a problem with heat. Not to mention she's physically weak and can't take much damage.
Background: Though she doesn't seem like it, her somebody was actually an elf from Christmas Town named Amane. She was given all that she wanted by her parents but she was a very unhappy child. Finding no joy in making or getting toys, she was an odd child. However, when it came to playing outside, she was normal for an elf. Building snowmen, having snowball fights that lasted all day and ice skating on the pond. However, she didn't touch the merry-go-round that so many seemed to enjoy.

Before long, that unhappiness caught up with her and she ran away. She was around 15 or 16 at that time. That was when she stumbled upon Halloween Town. It was so different from her home that she found she loved it there. However, with her short height and bright clothing, she didn't exactly fit in. A few days later, she returned home where her parents were waiting. With that taste of something new, she was happy and went about her days as such until she moved out and got her own place.

A month or so shy of turning 19, Christmas Town was attacked by heartless. She had been lucky enough to escape to the woods but her luck soon ran out. The redhead was being chased. Not lasting as long as she would have liked, she tripped. A second later, there was a flash of black before everything became quiet. She can only assume that that was the heartless chasing her.

Later she woke up a nobody and somehow made her way to Memory Skyscraper and joined Organization Eternal.
Friends: None at the moment.
Enemies: Anyone who has betrayed her or someone she cares for. (No one right now)
History: Isn't this basically the same thing as background?
Status: Single
Fighting Style: Anxeam is rather opposed to fighting but can hold her own, despite her inexperience. Her main method of attack is sound based magic that is very strong. However, her physical strength and hp are very low. As if to make up for this, though, she has high defence and very high speed.


"Greetings. My name is Anxeam." - Introductions

"What exists in my chest is not a heart but the echoes of what it left behind." - Her belief on the heart

"Yes, sir/miss/ma'am." - Common quote (i.e. Axel - “Got it Memorized?” Xigbar - “As if”)

"I'd rather not but if you insist..." – getting into a brawl

"Let me silence you forever." – getting into a brawl

"How about I press your mute button?" - Annoyed

"...what?" - Confused

"Not yet." - Attacked

"Quite fast, aren't you?" - Attacked

"Are you deaf yet?" - Attacking

"Sound is everywhere." - Attacking

"..." - Shocked

"Yes, sir/miss/ma'am." - Taking orders

"Echoes of emotions are not enough to feel but just maybe they're enough to live a happy life." - Her outlook on life

"Are you sure you want to do that?" - Confidence

"Ignorance is bliss so, please, continue." - Being crude

"You can see, hear, touch and talk to me now but once I fade, there will be nothing to remember me by." -Thoughts on existence

"Silence!"-When dealing the final blow

"Sounds fade into nothingness and so shall I. Can't say I don't have regrets, though." - Fading
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Anxeam's Info
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