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 Xiraks room

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PostSubject: Xiraks room   Xiraks room I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 26, 2010 10:56 am

Xi has quite the room. It is about two stories high. Every wall is covered in books, there are eight walls forming an octagonal shape. There are ladders and platforms littering the walls as well. Her ceiling is painted to look like the daytime sky with white clouds floating by. She has dark reddish coloured wood floors bordering the room and in the center there is a patch of hard savannah ground where her bed rests. Beside her bed, which is a simple mattress laid on the ground, there is a beautiful savannah tree growing tall and confident. There are piles of books strewn across the floor and melted candles next to the bed. Small patches of grass border the area of flat packed earth. A small crimson bird floats loftily around the spacious room enjoying the view. Down below a small collection of black and white rodent scurry along the ground, and off to the side a giant white African pouched rat sits and eats a banana. An aura of peace surrounds this beautiful room but all is not as it seems on the surface. Behind the first wall to the right lies a secret chamber where all of Xirak’s most prized scrolls and book lie in a maximum security system. Down a small hallway another side room lies where Xirak does all her restoring, replenishing lost tomes and scrolls that have lost their beauty and youth. Also behind the bookshelf across from this there is an escape tunnel that leads through a secret maze of tunnels to Xirak vast underground compound where untold stories lay hidden for only those trusted enough by the secretive lioness. There is one glass case at the back of the room where an ancient blackened scroll lies. Its leather covering long aged and cracked, this ancient tome, when translated, can tell the reader how to destroy any known world in the universe. It is highly dangerous and Xi believes it is cursed. A dark aura emits from this cursed scroll and it is kept under strict security by her lessers, the furies. Books and tomes of every world are stored in xis vast library. Xi looks around her room lovingly and strolls over to the first wall, she lifts the twentieth book on the fifth shelf and goes into her restoring room. She walks over to a panel attached to the wall next to a computer and goes over the security systems for Memories Skyscraper, her home. After doing this for a few hours she goes to work quietly restoring a piece of knowledge that has found its way to the surface by her loving hands. She slowlty drifts off to the realm of nightmares where she dreams about all that she has lost and all the she remembers, and thus the silent watcher of The World That Never Was ends another hectic day.
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Xiraks room
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