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 Xanit's room

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PostSubject: Xanit's room   Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:37 pm

The room of Xanit appears to be a bit comparable to a college dorm, connected to a bathroom and all but it's mostly because there is not really anything in there. (He seems spartan, not really being able to form an emotional bond to something the way most people do) There is what is considered the bare minimum in there, a single queen size bed and a bookshelf that takes up most of the wall. Oh and a small computer desk with a mini-fridge under it.

It's more or less just a blank wall with a black sheets, and a grayish carpet. Nothing too too special other than the fact that for some reason, Xanit appears to actually have a lot of pillows on his bed. And if some sneaky bastard (or stalker) walked in they'd notice that he appeared to actually be smiling when he was asleep. Perhaps it was the whole febreeze thing? Or maybe not. Hard to say whether or not he's learning.

Xanit's bookshelves are full of...well the kind of stuff that one would expect. Sure there are magic books there and all but he can't really understand most of it all, or expresses frustration at trying to decipher those copies written in latin.

one other main feature is the fact that next to what looks to be a MacBook is a boombox that you all know and love so well...ever since one moment where he smiled or danced to music he's been going ape with the music.

Also all I will say about Xanit's bathroom is that there is a toilet, a sink, and a shower.
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Xanit's room
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