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 Yamx's Room

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PostSubject: Yamx's Room   Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:01 am

In a hallway that is a home to some of the other members, the door to Yamx’s room resides. On the door is a pixilated nobody symbol with her number flashing on a small screen inside the symbol. Besides that, the door is very plain.

Inside, the walls are dark gray in color with glowing cyan circuit lines running along all four of the walls as well as the ceiling. There are a few speakers that have been put into the ceiling that always plays low volume music. She hasn’t bothered to change the floor since there are a couple of robots roaming the room doing chores.
There’s a bed on the farthest right-hand corner of the room that’s always a bit messy. Next to the bed, on the right side, is a dark gray dresser that has a mirror attached to it. This is where Yamx keeps most of her clothes.
In the farthest left-hand corner, there’s a panel attached to the wall that leads to another room, this room is where she works on new projects and her robots. Next to the doorway to this room is a bookshelf filled with books on mechanics and manga.
Near the door, on the left side, is a computer console with a big monitor that’s been placed into the wall. There are also two smaller screens that levitate next to the bigger monitor. This is where Yamx writes her reports.
The wall on the right-hand side of the doorway is a giant sheet of paper attached to the wall and directly in the middle of the paper is a bulletin board. On the bulletin board are important papers, pictures, etc and on the lower right side is an attached cup with a couple of markers in it. The on the paper itself is random doodles and signatures from members of the org that actually notice the paper in the room.

In the extra room, there are pieces of robotic scraps and tools for Yamx to work on her robots with. Here she can upgrade her robots and make machines that could help her or someone else out (mainly her).
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Yamx's Room
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