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 I- Raxen's room

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PostSubject: I- Raxen's room   Tue Aug 04, 2009 1:55 am

Raxen's door to his room stands alone in a bare hallway, a large nobody symbol embedded in it. And much like the proof of existence, is a blue mass of swirling energy, his number and title floating around inside it in place as well as a silhouette of his hook sword. The roman numeral I is clearly seen a while away. A large red pad is seen where on regular doors there should be a doorknob. And just as suspected it is a hand print scanner, allowing only a few members in besides Raxen himself access.

Outside in the hallways, there are several nobodies that fill it with activity, both flying in the room with reports, or leaving with errands to do.

Inside the room, unlike many of his members it is not set to his memories, not that he would like to have it that way. The whole room is illuminated by Kingdom Hearts, shining through a large wide window, taking up the entire right wall of his room. It falls right upon a long desk in front of it, covering about the same distance of the wall and window. A small chair underneath it.

Upon it are countless numbers of papers and sheets, half opened books collecting dust and torn pieces of paper, obviously aged and with coffee ring stains in them, any information that Raxen could get his hands on as he spends most of his nights, reading up on the ways and nature of the heart. Not to mention a section all on it's own that is littered with mission reports from the other members.

Far right from the desk is a coffee machine. And along next to it a few drawers in the walls, containing various items and clothes. Despite the desk in the room, most of his room is very normal sized. The ceiling slants downward from the window, and reaches a height of about eight feet at the opposite wall

His queen size bed, being hardly used for sleep is found on the far end in the left side of the room, it's red and black sheet always on it untouched.
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PostSubject: Re: I- Raxen's room   Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:00 pm

Untouched sheets? My ass, I've seen what goes on in there >w>
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I- Raxen's room
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