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 Vyxil's information

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PostSubject: Vyxil's information   Vyxil's information I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 02, 2010 6:26 pm

Basic Info
Name: Vyxil
Proof of Existence: The Devil's Warrior
Weapon: Extending Claws
Elemental / Power: manipulation (can control minds and auras)
World of Origin: Halloween Town
Age: 23 (supposed to be about 100 give or take)
Gender: Female
Hair: golden blonde with purple and turquoise streaks
Eyes: flourescent green with yellow flecks and reptillian pupils. hawaiian shaped
Complexion: light light brown skinned
Weight:110 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: a long scar over right eye and crescent moons on the corner of each.
Race: Demon/angel
Weaponry: anything and a Keyblade she has obtained through it hitting her in the back of the head.
Clothing / Appearance: usually wears baggy pants or skinny jeans and tight tank tops.

Personal details
Personality: usually well mannered, although she has a horrid temper.
Skills:amazing singing voice. can sneak up on you without you knowing.
Likes: cheese, french food, italian food, painting, dancing, sleeping...
Dislikes: blue cheese, markus, daia, pretty much every demon who hates her too...all oth the netherworld...
Strength: amazing fighter
Weaknesses: fire, water
Background: canadian/frech/hawaiian
Family: none anymore
Friends: doesn't know
Enemies: daia, markus, sometimes xirak
History:when she was 9 her father was killed and at 13 her mother was killed. she trained ever since to become a Warrior in the Halloween Town Secret Army. She fought in the war with the dark ones. lost her best friend and her heart.
Status: not wanting to explain as it is hard.
Fighting Style: speed.


- Introductions: Hello, my name's Vyxil. and yours? or you tell me your name and i'll tell you mine.

- His belief on the heart: beleives that all nobodies do have hearts(like demyx beleived) just not physical ones. the emotions and every thing that com with it are still there though.

- Common quote (i.e. Axel - “Got it Memorized?” Xigbar - “As if”) ,eh? i.e) "i know, eh?"

– getting into a brawl: "do you REALLY wanna do that??"

- Annoyed: "are you kidding me?"

- Confused: "what are you talking about?"

- Attacked: "BAD IDEA!"

- Attacking: "now you'll pay!"

- Shocked: "excuse me??"

- Taking orders: "right away."

- Her outlook on life: " is what you want it to be. live it to the fullest."

- Confidence: "i got tons."

- Being crude: "hehehehehheh...your funny!"

-Thoughts on existence: "we nobodies do exist. we can feel and noone can say we don't. we have to exist to have an impact on each other's lives, right?"

-When dealing the final blow: "you'll parish now!"

- Fading: "i...can't...beleive it......i'm finished..." or "thanks...."

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Vyxil's information
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