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 Xabel's - semi-complete - Info sheet

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PostSubject: Xabel's - semi-complete - Info sheet   Xabel's - semi-complete - Info sheet I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 3:24 pm

Basic Info
Name: Xabel
Proof of Existence: The Warring Principality
Weapon: Arm blades and Greeves
Elemental / Power: Holy
World of Origin: Twilight Town
Age: 18 at death, counting years as a Nobody, he totals out at 43.
Gender: Male
Hair: Messy/spike dark-gray hair that reaches shoulder length. Just above, but not covering, his left eye, there is a group of several strands of hair that are darker than the others.
Eyes: Earthy green, this means, there are a few colour variations of bronze mixed in here and there.
Complexion: Not extremely tan, but not entirely pale either. Hrm...I'd guess it would be a mild tan.
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: From several different attacks, he has four scars on his back, three of them are gashes, and, strangely, are set in the rough dimensions of a triangle. The fourth is in the middle of these three, and is roughly circular.
Race: Nobody, formerly Derkri. Basic info on that will be found in the "History" section.
Brahmin: (Ba-rah-men) A short sword (the blade is about 21", and the hilt is roughly 4 1/2", for a total length of 25 1/2") The first sword to come into Bale's (now Xabel's) possession, it was both forged and gifted to him by Ja'al (Jah-ale), his hero and mentor. Both the hilt and the blade are curved slightly for ease of grip, and attacks with hard-to-predict angles. The hiltguard is, in its own right, a blade as well. Three inches (3") long and positioned about half an inch (1/2") above the actual handle, it sports a jagged edge, and protects only the fingers, not the back of the hand. The main blade of the weapon is engraved, by Xabel himself, in the runic written language of his species. These runes form a prayer to the Harbinger (the Derkri's God of war, scouts, and messengers) meant to give the warrior a calm, clear, mind during battle.

Caim: (Kai-am) A fairly-sized (14" from pummel to blade tip) elven knife, gifted to Xabel by Mesajinx for his 'birthday'. This weapon, while sharp, sturdy, and expertly forged, rarely sees any actual combat outside of sneak attacks. Instead, it sees more practical uses, Xab has it on him at all times, and wears it in a sheath on the back of his belt.

The Pu'rael: (Pew-ray-el) A pair of crescent blades worn on either of Xabel's arms, and one half (or two fourths) of the weapon set that he was given upon his "birth" as a Nobody. The blades themselves are simple in appearance - the metal they are forged from is a deep gray, and stained black in places from use and blood stains that Xabel was too slow in cleaning off. These blades are attached to the arms by metal bracers which are actually extended parts of the blades' spines. These bracers are, by far, the strongest part of the weapons, which are already extremely durable as it is. Also, being made of metal themselves, the insides of the bracers are lined with a special, conforming 'leather' for the comfort of the man wearing them. Each of the two blades are fairly heavy, each being closer to a Kanabo in weight than to a sword. However, Xabel's strength allows him to wield the blades, and move his arms when wearing them, fairly easily, which helps him in managing the odd fighting style he utilzes when armed with these blades.

The Rath'ael: (Wraith-ay-el) A pair of grieves (The leg armor worn by knights) that cover up to the top of Xabel's calves, and the other half of the weapon set he was given upon his 'birth' as a Nobody. Whereas the Pu'rael are simple, the Rath'ael are intricate and elegant - the main body of the greives being the off-white that symbolizes the Nobodies, with designs, and raised areas in the blended purple that so many of the Lessers enjoy wearing. The armor is durable, and fairly heavy, but lighter in comparison to say, the greives that Xiron wears. Also unlike the Pu'rael, the Rath'ael are worn almost constantly, as opposed to the normal, leather boots worn by the other members of the Orginazation, for the extra 'oompf' they give to Xab's kicks. While technically not a weapon in their own right, any "holy" energy delivered through the grieves is amplfied, increasing its strength. This fact is put to great use in the odd fighting style that Xabel utilizes while wielding the Pu'rael.

Clothing / Appearance: Xabel owns the same type of coat that Xiron does, as was suggested by the Lord Knight himself, knowing that Xab would need an outfit designed for field use rather than wearing as a simple signifier as belonging to Organization Eternal. Beyond that, his attire is usually fairly simple, typically just jeans and a white T-shirt. Though, he will sometimes wear other clothes, beyond what he wears at his home and his world forms. As for his body, he appears essentially the same as he did when he died, that is to say that he still looks to be eighteen, both in his face, and upon close examining. However, after twenty years of life as a Nobody, he gone through many psychological changes that come with age, and holds and carries himself as an adult would. His muscular build is somewhat of a combination between the builds one would expect in a runner and a climber. He has several dozen superficial scars all over his body, the largest concentration, surprisingly, on his forearms than anywhere else. Hey, what can you say? Plant thorns are fucking SHARP. Most of the rest of his scars are either from battle, or from particularly vicious animals.

Personal details

Personality:Xabel has the capacity to be a kind, loving, and generous man. However, on the same wavelength, he also tends to be quiet, drawn-in, and generally sarcastic. However, during recent months, his personality has slowly shifted towards a middle ground of the two, and he will often confuse people, likely by being both generous and sarcastic at the same time. Deep down though, his family is first and foremost in his life, and he loves them dearly, but often has trouble showing this, and likely would even if he was capable of true emotion. Additionally, he has recently become the "king" of his wounded, and rebuilding, world. This status, however, takes the pride that he's held throughout his entire life, and puts it on a pedestal, and makes him feel that he's forced to uphold it, to defend it completely, even when it would be better for his health to let something go. As such, he has recently come up with a new goal which he has shared with a precious few people.....

Traits: Fairly intelligent, able to move quietly and quickly, tends to travel light, he also has a tendency to train until his muscles lock up, believing that training is the same as working out: "One must work to and past the burn to improve." Likewise, while he won't go all out on every opponent during battle, he certainly won't take it easy on them, either.

Skills: Scouting, cartography, swordplay (derived mainly from an improvised variation on a style from his home world), swimming, spear fishing, hunting, trapping (of animals and intelligent beings, both skills are only basic), archery.

Likes: Battle (not to the point of being a berserker, he just finds it to be fun, almost like a sport), Running, and general exercise, his family (one should hope so), pumpkin pie, food roasted over an open campfire

Dislikes: Stupidity (his own included), Ignorance (again, his own included), His current position as King (won't admit that as to not look 'weak'), people who endanger his family (embedded deeply into his brain due to his culture), Those who are racist or speciesist (He's both a Nobody, and a member of a different species, he's allowed to have hate.), and, come on, its nearly impossible to list a person's likes and dislikes, the two lists are long enough, but not complete.

Strength: Xabel is fairly well rounded, his element alone allows for short-, medium-, and long- range attacks, as well as defensive techniques, his weapons and training acquired as a somebody further prepared him for battle, as he learned how to wield a multitude of weapons, from swords and maces to spears and longbows. Of course, he can wield no weapon perfectly, except perhaps Brahmin and the weapons he was granted upon his 'rebirth' as a Nobody. Additionally, combining his element with the Rath'ael allows for area-of-effect attacks, in the form of shock waves, with varying ranges dependent upon the amount of energy put into it. Furthermore, he also has great physical endurance, and his capacity for using his element (i.e.: elemental power) is quite high..

Weaknesses: ..His strengths, however, are all counter balanced by several weaknesses. The first of which is, considering he no longer carries a bow, and never carried a spear, all of his medium and long range attacks are limited to techniques aided by his element. The fact that he can wield Brahmin, and other similar swords, near-perfectly is countered by the small fact that the blade has broken three times since he's come into possession of it. His endurance his weakened by two things, one of which also counter-balances his high capacity of elemental power. Those things are, firstly, the fact that, while he knows when he should give up on a fight or a training exercise, rarely means that he will give up on it. No, more than likely, he will keep on truckin' until his opponent surrenders or succumbs, or some one comes along to forcibly bail him out. The second fact, the one that also counter balances the elemental power, is the tiny fact that his power burns away at his skin. That's right, he literally hurts himself when he uses his own power. You see, his "holy" energy takes the form of a burning, white-hot flame, which burns away his skin and causes him to bleed. However, the effect his power has on him is reflected three times over on his opponent; whereas the energy gives Xabel little more than very bad first-degree burns, the opponent can receive anything starting from a horrible second degree burn and up, in addition to the sheer impact force of the attack. But, the fact still holds true that, if you burn your skin away when you attack, you're still cutting into your own endurance.

Background: Xabel's history as a Nobody.....The Abridged version!: Okay, yes, firstly, the man was killed, by the woman he was arranged to marry no less, 'course she was corrupted with Darkness and all that, or else she woulda killed him, and that murder woulda been the end of it. But, instead, he got 'lucky' and received another chance at "life", huzzah! Along with that, he got command of a rather burn-inducing element, and two weird-arse weapons. So, following that, and waking up in Traverse Town, rather than in front of the Mansion in Twilight Town, he eventually came into the possession (read: stole) of a Gummi Ship, which he had to learn how to use very quickly, as most of us would when faced with a group of pirates (read: the previous owners of the Gummi Ship) who had targeted him as their next victim (read: victim of the penal system). Surprisingly, however, he hit a button my mistake, and this button happened to be the activator for the Warp Drive, which put him in no other world than the Pride Lands. Now, since he himself was already used to such a world - savannas and all - he did not take on an animalistic appearance, but rather retained his humanoid one, and so set out to find other people. Which he did, and, taking up a home among the tribes off Africa (read: stealing a ride on the first Gummi ship of white people that he found) he eventually made his way to Deep Jungle, where he actually stayed for a while, honing his skills with his power, and trying not to burn down the Rain Forest. Here he did, indeed, meet Tarzan, and though they had a rough relationship at first (i.e.: Tried to kill each other on more than one occasion), they eventually warmed up to each other, and became friends of sorts. Here, Xabel also spent time learning the English language from Jane, who had (as any idiot who's seen the Disney movie knows) stayed behind to live with Tarzan. Of course, the learning conditions for Xab's learning were more of a "make gestures that seemed to indicate he would snap her neck, then point at a book written in English" variety than the reasons she taught Tarzan.
Eventually, his stay on this world was over (i.e.: he found another Gummi Ship to bum a ride on) and he made his way to Twilight Town. Now, by this time, he was still going by the name of "Bale" as it was what he remembered, but, being drawn to the aforementioned Mansion, a large bat-lie creature appeared in front of him, offering a home, and the proposition of a "new you", after which he promptly wrote his name in air with golden letters, added an "X" and made the word "Xabel". Now, this went over oddly with the man; while he did take the new name, and accept the offer of the 'new him', he did not go with the bat, opting instead to hunt down the old him, murder him brutally, and then continue on his merry way. So, upon leaving Twilight Town on yet another hijacked Gummi Ship, Xabel made his way from world to world, stopping on each only briefly, until he eventually (eventually should be read as "taking up ten years of his time") found his home world.
Upon landing on said world, he found that his memory had only served him half-right: He had remembered entire cities being decimated by a strange, black mass he had now come to know as the Heartless. However, he was soon informed by those he asked that, aside from the Capitol City, and a few tribal villages, not much else had been destroyed. He also learned, however, that no repairs were being made, because the leaders of the Tribes, and the King, had all been killed in said invasion (read: Giant fucking power vacuum means no clean up gets done until the dispute is resolved. And, apparently, the Derkri aren't the best at resolving power disputes, because it had taken Xabel eleven years to get to his home world. MOVING ON.). With that information, Xab was left scratching his head for as what he should do next. Luckily, a whisper-in-the-winds hit him upside the head, and pointed him in the direction of a very large camp he had lived at for the majority of his life. To make that emotion- and memory-filled story short: He found the camp, cried a lot, smiled and laughed a whole lot more, and found the sword that he had used during his life as a Somebody. SO, with a bunch of memories, and a new sword, in hand, he made the long trek back to his Gummi Ship, and took off again, not quite caring WHERE he went.
Enter the revisital of Traverse Town. He didn't end up staying here for long, maybe about two years or so, as compared to the amount of time he spent on Deep Jungle and his home world. However, he did manage to pick a fight with a man named Xeran, who promptly beat his ass (hey, Xab was drunk, screw off), realized that, like he himself, was in fact a Nobody, and took him back to The World that Never Was to join the Organization Eternal. But, did Xeran actually BRING Xabel to this place, this home of all homes? No. He did not. Instead, he left the very unconscious and very bleeding man he had carried through a corridor of darkness under the over hang of a building. In the rain. Several miles away from the building Eternal was based in. Without so much as any hint what-so-ever as to where he should go. So, Xabel woke up, headachey and bloody, and now confused at to where the fuck he was, to wander for about a week until he mercifully collapsed on the top step of Memory Skyscraper, where, luckily, Organization Eternal made its home.
From there, Xabel was welcomed into the ranks, made friends and enemies, and began to build his family. And, these days, is focused on two things: As the "King" (hey, Derkri may be strong, but, they ain't got nothing on a Nobody version of themselves) of his species, his goal is to rebuild the Capitol City, and the villages that were destroyed. As himself, his goal is to find the one person he believes can actually fit the bill of "King", and then settle down so he himself can instead rebuild his scattered Tribe.

Family: Vera is his sister (and also one of his Lesser Nobodies), He is married to Xeros, and has two children: A daughter named Xelda (shut up about the whole princess shtick, we call her El >.>), and a son named Zedek (who I call Zed because it reminds of one of the villains from the original Power Rangers. -w- Yes, I'm a nerd, shut up.) He himself has adopted Mesajinx as his younger sister, which would mean he's related to Xiron, if the giant Tin Can would grow a pair and ask her to marry him, and Xirak herself has made the same claim to Xabel, meaning the same relation to Xejan as with Xiron.

Friends: Fen, Jinx, Xirak, Xiron, X'elon, Xejan, Raxen.

Enemies: Zerikx (Remember the "hatred of ignorance and stupidity"? This insect here epitomizes both of those, and the word "idioticly self-righteous" and "traitor" If this one isn't dead, Xabel will make certain that he's the one to fix that.), X'elon (more of keeping an eye on him, as he seems to be rather volatile, hard to tell what his actions will be), Raxen (Rax does a lot of dumb ass shit. Xab counts him among his friends for two reasons: He's got hope for the boy, and, once in a rare while, Rax will do something to redeem himself.), Xki (If I listed the shit Xab finds wrong with this woman, this sheet would be lengthened exponentially.).

History: Bale's history, in point-by-point format:
- Born to his mother as the result of a one-night stand, four years later, his sister, Vera, is born.
- Four weeks after the birth of his sister, their mother is burned at the stake for giving birth to two children out of wedlock, and under accusations of being a "witch".
- Bale is thusly forced to raise his sister, with some help from friends of his mother.
- Vera turns four herself, leaving Bale at eight. With the company of a small group of travlers, the children leave their village and their tribe behind.
- They travel much of the continent, eventually the group is attacked by bandits.
- The bandits are, in turn, attacked by a small group of mercenaries, led by a man named Ja'al. This family-like group takes in the caravan's survivors, of which, Vera and Bale are included.
- How ever, in this make-shift "tribe", every one is expected to pull their own weight, and so, all learn the basics of fighting, cooking, and survival. Bale himself is trained by Ja'al.
- Three years pass, Bale is now eleven. Ja'al gives him the first weapon that is truly his possession, a sword by the name of Brahmin which Ja'al himself had forged. In this same year, a girl named Diana joins the "tribe".
- Bale continues to be taught by Ja'al, and aspires to be his equal when he's grown; he and his sister, who is being taught as an archer, begin to form a friendship with Diana, who is twelve.
- Years go by. Bale has become a scout for the "tribe", Vera and Diana are both assassins of a sort. Diana and Bale began 'dating' when she was fourteen and he was thirteen, now with her at nineteen, and him eighteen, it is apparent to the others in the group that the two are likely to marry.
- This assumption is cut short, however, when growing Darkness in Diana's heart, seeded by the murder of her uncle, and fueled by her work as an assassin, acts as a beacon to the Heartless. These creatures invade the world, starting at Captiol City, where the tribe had been stationed, causing general chaos, and ending most of the inhabitants. Diana herself, controlled by the Darkness, pierces Bale's lungs, ending his life.
- Half a day later, Bale wakes up, groggy, disoriented, confused, and oddly empty, in a room on Traverse Town. He leaves a month before Sora arrives from Destiny Islands.
- Everything beyond this is in his background.

Status: Married, with two children, to Xeros.

Fighting Style:
For reasons of his own (and I quote "I refuse to be the type of moron to give out information on my syle of fighting to potential enemies"), Xabel is currently refusing me permission to share his fighting style with you.
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Xabel's - semi-complete - Info sheet
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