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 Blaxe's Character Information

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PostSubject: Blaxe's Character Information   Blaxe's Character Information I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 1:22 pm

Basic Info
Name: Blaxe
Proof of Existence: The Marionette of Insanity
Weapon: Puppeteer's wand. (I can't find the actual name of it.) Elemental / Power: He can make puppets appear at the end of the strings of his weapon and they'll break from the strings and move on their own. They can fight hand-to-hand. Once in a while he'll give one a sword-like weapon but usually it's too much strain on him. The puppets are very weak to fire though since they are made of wood. Also their movement is a little jerky because of the stiff limbs. They aren't very bright and can't do much unless Blaxe tells them too. Often they will die on their own not long after they are made or Masq will destroy them.
World of Origin: Wonderland
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hair: Light blue. The ends look as if they have been dipped in dark purple paint.
Eyes: pink. They look like glass doll eyes
Complexion: Pale skinned
Height: 5ft 10
Weight: ???
Distinguishing Marks: None
Race: was Human in a way until he became a Nobody
Weaponry:the edges are sharp like a sword so when power fails he can actually fight. Besides the blades and the gems on it the thing is mainly made out of wood. Oak to be exact.
Clothing / Appearance: Usually just wears his cloak, the sleeves are usually rolled up or, on a few, shredded off. Underneath the cloak he wears typical black jeans and boots. His shirt is black with purple horizontal stripes and it cuts off just above his navel. Likes to wear fingerless gloves as well. Sometimes will wear a black jacket that looks a lot like a straight jacket. It has blue buckles and fastenings on it.

Personal details
Personality: Somewhat secluded, very shy around people he isn't 'friends' with. Appears to be spineless most of the time but has a manipulative streak. He's rather dull most of the time however. Can snap though and turn into a real crazed individual for a short time.
Traits: Love for puppets
Skills: He's very good at making puppets/dolls and sewing clothes for them. Very good at repairing clothes when he feels like it.
Likes: Puppets, sewing, reading, quiet, tricking people, people who aren't overly hyper, Masq
Dislikes: Hyper people, idiots, unessisary noise, not knowing what's going on, people mocking his puppet, Masq
Strength: Able to see things from all perspectives, not afraid to exploit someone's weaknesses
Weaknesses: Doesn't pay much attention to his surroundings, Masq controls him a lot, doensn't react quick enough
Background: When he first became a Nobody, Blaxe was very confused at what happened. He could remember quite a few things, but the people in his memories had no faces and no names. The only thing he remembered was the name of a puppet that was close to him, but he didn't know what the puppet looked like. As he looked around the dark and twisted woods of Wonderland he came accross a rather curious looking marionette. It had no strings, one painted eye, one glass eye, one arm, crudely made wooden wings, and a twisted grin painted on it's mouth. It bore a heartless symbol. Blaxe for some reason felt close to the puppet and started calling it Masquerade, or Masq, for short. The name of the other puppet. Masq never left Blaxe's side.
Friends: He conciders Masq his one true friend
Enemies: Also conciders Masq to be an enemy to his well-being
History: Blaxe's Somebody was Abel. Abel was a kind man who lived in Wonderland and put on little puppet shows for it's inhabitants. Often times he would perform for the Queen of Hearts herself, a great honor. He had a special puppet of his own named Masquerade. It was a blank puppet with just a beaked mask, a feathery hat, and a cape. It moved on it's own and often sat on Abel's shoulder or performed in his little plays.
He had grown to love a person named Jacky. Jacky's left side was dressed like a woman, while the right side was dressed as a man. Abel didnt' care though. He loved the person, not the gender. Jacky however had accepted another man's hand in marriage and left Abel heartbroken. A small,unknown, fan had given Abel a puppet the next day. A rather odd puppet. It had no strings, one painted red eye, one yellow glass eye, one arm, and a twisted grin painted on it's mouth, crudely made wooden wings and a funny symbol painted on it's chest. Abel, being on sliver short of a full moon, thought it was the cutest thing ever. It lifted his spirits a little but not enough. One night before going to bed, he noticed that the little puppet had gotten bigger, and that Masq was missing. He didn't dwell on it though. Wonderland was a strange place so a growing puppet was no concern, and Masq always ran off.
Then he heard the screaming. It was the middle of the night and the strange puppet was missing from his room. Abel ran outside and saw strange creatures around, stealing the hearts of all his friends. Including Jacky. The last thing he saw was a yellow eye, a twisted grin and a wooden clawed hand shooting for his chest.
Status: Single
Fighting Style: Moves all over the place to confuse someone. When he fights his usual dull personality is switched with one that should be locked away in an asylum. Will have his puppet attack to tire out his enemy before slashing at them with the blades on his puppeteer's wand. Sometimes will use the wires attatched to it and ensnare his enemy or strangle them.


- Introductions "Erm... Hello there... I'm Blaxe.."

- His belief on the heart "I know it's gone, but I can still feel it... Or.. Is what I'm feeling... Just pretend? Is my mind so shattered that I'm sensing things that are no longer there? Or is it that I refuse to see it really is there, just... Hidden."

- Common quote "Tch.. How boring."

– getting into a brawl "Ready or not, get ready to die!'

- Annoyed ".... *masq attacks!* "

- Confused "Say what now?"

- Attacked "Ow-haha!"

- Attacking "Ahahaha!"
-When summoning a puppet "Gotta Pull some strings it seems."

- Shocked "H-how..?"

- Taking orders "I shall do my best to do as you say while at the same time do as I wish.. Sir. "

- His outlook on life "Some go this way.. Some go That way... Me? I make my own way, and it's a shortcut!."

- Confidence "That's the best thing about being insane, no matter what, I'm right."

- Being crude "Go away or I'll let Masq into your room tonight..."

-Thoughts on existence "Am I here or not? I really should make up my mind on this... But why should I? It's all just a game to me, and in the end we all lose."

-When dealing the final blow "Aw... I broke another toy."

- Fading "I wish I could cry... All I wanted was to go home... I'm still lost..."
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Blaxe's Character Information
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