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 X'thorne Character Info

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PostSubject: X'thorne Character Info   X'thorne Character Info I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2009 6:36 pm

Basic Info
Name: X'thorne
Proof of Existence: The Plasmatic Reject
Weapon(s): Gunbrella (along with her Secondary weapons, her Plas-Blade and her TasmaGun)
Elemental/Power: Plasma
World of Origin: Space Paranoids

Other Info
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Hair: Hot Pink with Magenta coloring on the edges
Eyes: Purple
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 101
Distinguishing Marks: Left ear is pierced. Heart tattoo on left shoulder.
Race: Nobody
Favorite Color: Purple
Clothing / Appearance: X'thorne is a recruit, therefore, as the uniform regulations state, her official cloak has one purple stripe. Her original cloak is under construction (she was unsatisfied), so her official cloak is now being worn more and more frequently. Typically, under her cloak she wears her purple striped shirt, black pants and purple boots. Her Locket wristwatch is her most prized possession.
Significant Other: Xera. The two dated for a while, and then, at the Grand Ball, Xera proposed. The two are engaged and plan to get married soon (although they still don't have a date for the wedding).

Personal details
Personality: X'thorne is one of the nobodies in the castle who likes to joke around and have fun. She is often late for meetings, due to her faulty wristwatch (It's her prized possession; Didn't say that it worked!) She's very open to showing her emotions, no matter how many times Xera tells her that she doesn't have a heart.
X'thorne is also a daydreamer. On some of her missions, she can get sidetracked (depending on the mission). She's light and airy and carefree. Not to mention that she's impulsive. Many of her good (and bad) ideas, have come from X'thorne having an sudden epiphany. So that also contributes to her getting in trouble with Raxen for blowing things up. However, she's kind and caring and really tries to help her fellow nobodies.
But, if someone gets on her bad side, then she's just a plain old bitch...
Traits: Always seems to have some sort of sugar upon her person. X'thorne sleeps in (another cause of missing meetings) and tends to skip 1-2 meals a day. Spends most of her time (whether on or off a mission) having fun or hacking into computer systems (and she considers that fun).
Skills: In her past life, X'thorne was a hacker in Space Paranoids. Now, she uses that skill to override computers, MCP's and even other virus's that are attacking the skyscraper's home network. One of her most recent escapades in hacking, allowed her to stop 4 of the trains in the Twilight Town Station Plaza. Other skills include plasma bowling (trust me, it's fun)
Likes: Cookies, coffee (caffeinated), sunny days, reading good novels, snuggling with Xera. Stripes. Candy bars.
Dislikes: Bad hair days, forgotten due dates and missing mission reports. Tomatoes and matching socks, cooking on her own. Decaffeinated coffee.
Strength: Good fighter; able to obey commands when focused
Weaknesses: Looses focus easily, panics when things go wrong

Original Name: Hornet
Background: Hornet was trained as a hacker since the age of 3. At age 13, she joined up in the ranks, a recruit hacker. One night, the MCP went down to a team of enemy hackers (actually heartless, but she didn't know that at the time) and Hornet panicked. In an attempt to save the MCP, she embedded herself into the binary codes. She was killed by the heartless when they deleted the binary stream she was embedded to. Hornet woke up hours later as a Nobody.
Family: Her little brother Nave. She still cries herself to sleep over him.
Friends: Xera. Xki, Xyal, Arexas, Xylia and Xicnk
Enemies: Anyone who threatens or harms Xera. But other than that, no one in particular
Relationship Status: Engaged
Fighting Style: X'thorne's fighting style does not involve running around and killing things in the typical way one would think that she would. No, it involves staying low and picking off enemies from the back. If it's just her facing off a heartless, then she goes straight in for the kill. She prefers her gunbrella above any other weapon, although she has had training with a bow and arrow and a couple types of swords.

- Introductions- Have I seen you before? No? Well this is uh... kinda awkward. (when meeting a newbie)

- His HER belief on the heart- Oh sure! I've got one. Somewhere. I think it might be under the pile of clothes in my closet...

- Common quote (i.e. Axel - “Got it Memorized?” Xigbar - “As if”)- Squee!

– getting into a brawl- Okay, let's get things straight. I'm going to kick your ass. K?

- Annoyed- Shut your freakin pie hole!

- Confused- wait.... what the kablooey?

- Attacked- This both sucks AND blows. In that order!

- Attacking- *mindless roaring*

- Shocked- What the kablooey? (hey, she likes the word kablooey!)

- Taking orders- urg...

- His HER outlook on life- On sunny days, it's good. If it's raining, not so much. And Tuesday's are just downright misery.

- Confidence- *sings* I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN CONFIDENCE ALONE.... hmm... this seems familiar...

- Being crude- Stick your head up your ass bitch!

-Thoughts on existence- Well... apparently, I'm supposed to be here. Now, where Here is, is an entirely different problem.

-When dealing the final blow- POWNED BITCH!

- Fading- It's my time now... My light... is nearly gone... the MCP... is calling me home....
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X'thorne Character Info
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