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We are what doesn't exist, our predecessors failed but we are here to pick up the pieces again. You cannot kill what doesn't exist. Welcome to Organization Eternal
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 Xiron's Dorm

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Lord Knight Xiron
Lord Knight Xiron

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PostSubject: Xiron's Dorm   Fri Aug 14, 2009 3:54 pm

The door to his room is not much different than that of most of the other dorms at Eternal Headquarters, Memory's Skyscraper. On it is the dual-heart logo of Organization Eternal, carved from a solid piece of metal by Xiron himself, inscribed with the roman numeral II. Beneath it was a simple silver plaque that read "Lord Knight Xiron." It used to hang warnings to those who tried to enter, but since Jinx doesn't try to pick the locks anymore, they weren't needed.

True to traditional form of creating rooms for Organization members, Xiron's is made to look as close to his room in his homeworld - namely the inside of the meager cabin of the Hunters' Captain.

The room is not very big at all. In fact, in comparison to that of many of the other members of Organization Eternal, it is rather small. The walls look as though they were made of sturdy wood beams, and the ceiling is high and beamed, littered with hidden objects. A bar crosses one of these beams, and from it hangs his entire wardrobe. The main lights are hidden behind shutters in small alcoves, making it appear as though sunlight is entering through windows that do not exist. Somehow, the whole place smells of pine needles and broken leaves.

As for furniture, not much inhabits the room. There is a heavy wooden bed set against one wall, clothed in thick gray blankets, and a wide writing desk against the opposite wall, with a straight-backed chair pushed under its feet, where he writes up mission and world reports, or occasionally uses the laptop he invested in a few months ago. A large wooden chest lays, locked by walls of nothingness, at the foot of the bed, his iron kite shield usually resting across it.

Against the third wall, a mannequin stands where his armour rests on the off-chance that he is not wearing it. No where in the room is a place to rest his helmet for off times. Behind the mannequin is a simple set of shelves hammered into the wall where some of other random objects are held. And stacked in the corner are his lances and the swords he's acquired since becoming a Nobody.

It is located on the highest floor of dorms.
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Xiron's Dorm
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