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 Xantha's Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Xantha's Character Sheet   Xantha's Character Sheet I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2009 1:49 am

Name: Xantha
Proof of Existence: The Whirlwind of Fury
Weapon: Polearm
Power: Wind
World: Neverland
Age: 19 (Appearance)
Gender: Female
Race: Nobody
Family: She remembers having an older brother, but she knows her family is out there somewhere
Enemies: The list is too long! Just kidding, she really has no enemies
Home World: Neverland
History: She lived in Neverland for as long as she could remember, which is a fairly long time considering she never aged. After such a long time, she barely remembers her original family.
Status: Insane, crazy, ect.

Physical Description

Hair: White, goes just past her shoulders. The strands in the front are indigo blue at the ends and fade back into white
Eyes: Gray
Complexion: Abnormally pale (despite my drawing, I have no skin tone pencils!)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 105 lbs.
Clothing: Classic Org. jacket; black pants with holes (to let the wind through), gray colored tank top, worn leather gloves, and worn black leather boots (I likes leather!) Also has recently acquired a necklace that looks like a dog tag with an intricate Number Eleven stamped on it.
Personality: She likes to joke around whenever possible. She doesn’t take many things seriously, but when it comes down to work, her mind it set
Traits: She can hover above the ground for short periods of time
Likes: Chocolate, music, chocolate, books, chocolate, her friends, did I say chocolate?
Dislikes: Most green vegetables, spiders, most bug, umm, SPIDERS, people who constantly tick her off, SPIDERS!
Strengths: Ability to summon a cool breeze on a hot day
Weaknesses: Earth/rock, lack of sugar/caffeine

“I’m Xantha. Did ya get that?” –Introductions

“A heart? I don’t have one. But I know that it would save me from this curse, if it is one.” Her belief on the Heart

“That’s what they want you to think.” -Common Quote (i.e. Axel - “Got it Memorized?” Xigbar - “As if“)

“You’re about to see a tornado!” –Getting into a brawl

“Don’t make me hurt you.” –Annoyed

“Wait, what?” –Confused

“I-I’m not done yet!” –Attacking, while slightly out of breath

“Time to turn this tornado into a hurricane!” –Attacking

“I don’t understand what just happened!” –Shocked

“It’ll be done yesterday.” –Taking orders

“We have chances others don’t have, well, because it is rather hard to kill us. I mean, we’re eternal, aren’t we?” –Her outlook on life

“Give up, I’ll just blow you away!” –When she’s feeling confident

“Get out of my face!” –Being crude

“I’m here, that’s all the matters.” –Her thoughts about her existence

“With this blade, I’ll end this!” –When she deals the final blow

“Fading? *Looks down at hands* Interesting.” -Fading
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Xantha's Character Sheet
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