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 Xanit character info

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PostSubject: Xanit character info   Xanit character info I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 9:19 pm

Name: Xanit
Age: He appears to be in between the ages of 15-17...but he could be older, maybe. (This is mostly because he does not appear to have any facial hair as he has never been seen shaving)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Censored, eodesn't really give it up because he doesn't care.
Weapon: He carries around a small shiv and has all sorts of stuff inside his sleeves. (As his coat is way too big for him.)

Element: His element is Arcane. Arcane is, in essence, the building block and knowledge of magick itself. It is often considered magic in its pure undefined form, but this is only a hypothesis as it has also been proven by many tests to be an element in itself. Commonly, it is taking the form of "Magick Missile", a spell he uses that is commonly known to attack the darkness.
It usually appears to be in a bluish white light, most commonly bolts.

Personality: Because no one really knows what Xanit was like before he lost his heart, most people would probably assume he was sort of a "Daria"-like character who was silent and almost sullen. And importantly, speaking with a rather monotone voice that doesn't really suggest that much emotion. Of course he appears to be like most nobodies who doesn't seem to have that much emotion. As Jinx has pointed out that he would have to "Learn" emotions. (And thinking he could learn emotions so he wouldn't be smiling after being knifed in the face despite having not scorched the attacker).

Another reason is the fact that his heartless had taken the form of some kind of odd Plant/Kangaroo hybrid. Obviously this represented what he was back as a human...someone who wanted to feel unique, eg the "I just want to be special". Of course he wdid wind up being special as he is perhaps the only known survivor of his homeworld.

Weaknesses: Xanit is too dependent on items. He literally is known for using elixirs when someone would have just needed a hi potion and would go through hi potions the way Herbal and Jazz go through Tea. Plus he's not tolerant to being hit at all.

Xanit's homeworld is just called's more or less not really taking the centre stage anytime soon, but it's been implied as perhaps being closer to the realm of darkness in the polar scale. (As a "Train accident" was what caused him to lose his heart) He also appears to be of asian descent, since anyone who can see his hands (All four of them) would notice they're quite small, plus his hair's way too dark to be brown. It looks black.

Alternative appearances:

Pride lands In this world, Xanit appears to be a meerkat.
Land of dragons Xanit appears to have flatter hair. (his hair's not spiky...just messed up)
Halloween town Xanit appears like a shrouded one, think Ring Wratith or the lich from Tactics Ogre.
HellAtlantica - a Mer-Sailfish.
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Xanit character info
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