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 Lyx Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Lyx Character Sheet   Lyx Character Sheet I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 10:27 pm

Basic Info
Name: Lyx
Proof of Existence: The Natural Destruction
Weapon: Pickaxe, which she has named 'Lucy'
Elemental / Power: Erosion
World of Origin: Snow White (Schneewittchen)
Age: (Visably) 15 (in actuality) 23
Gender: Female
Hair: Turquoise
Eyes: Neon Green
Complexion: Pale
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 109 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: Rainbow colored scar/tattoo on right cheek, butterfly-like tattoo on her lower stomach, ears pierced in multiple places, tongue pierced, corest piercing on her sides.
Race: Nobody
Weaponry: Lucy is a large 3'5" Pickaxe, with a metal head that has two blades at each end, one for the main break and the other for the slashing at.
Clothing / Appearance: Normally wears her cloak, cloak cuts off after shoulders and sleeves have zippers to keep them on, though the sleeves can zip to the cut off, multiple black ribbons tied around her neck, sleeveless greenish-blue shirt, bulky bealt, simple black shorts, long ash gray boots.

Personal details
Personality: Loud and often brash, though she has been known to show a softer side occasionally. She is very rarely serious and never fully thinks of the consequences of her actions.
Traits: Tattoos, love for cats
Skills: She is rather good at scaling walls, tattooing and piercing, fluent in German, and a rather good listener when the topic interests her.
Likes: Animals, Children, Music, Colors, Tattoos, Piercings
Dislikes: People who are full of themselves, cheaters,small closed spaces, memories.
Strength: Determined when she wants to be, Physically strong
Weaknesses: Stubborness, balance, and what little memories she has.
Background: Lyx was confused after her initial change. Unable to feel anything but pain Lyx resorted to doing things that she refuses to speak of.
Family: Adelaide Cresentia Rosenthal = Daughter
Bale = Baby's Daddy
Korlux = Father (in her mind)
X'elon = Adopted Son
Kixuzim = Adopted Son
Friends: Anyone she feels is her friend.
Enemies: Anyone she feels is her enemy.
History: Ly was the split personality/imaginary friend of a young girl named Mina, who was in too much pain to psychologically comprehend what was going on.
Status: Single
Fighting Style: Mostly standing still in one spot, running a sround, and hoping her aim is on.


"It's 'Lyx', 'L', 'Y', 'X'. Lyx." - Introductions

"It's not necessary, simply irrelevant." - Her belief on the heart

"Qwa." - Common quote (i.e. Axel - “Got it Memorized?” Xigbar - “As if”)

"So you wanna play a game with me?"– getting into a brawl

"I dare ya ta touch me!" - Annoyed

"Huh?" - Confused

"Gah!" - Attacked

"DODGE!" - Attacking

"How....nevermind it's not important." - Shocked

"Yes, sir, sir." - Taking orders

"Meh. I'm here aren't I?" - Her outlook on life

*devilish grin* - Confidence

"I'll crack your skull if you keep talking!" - Being crude

"I messed up the first time, this is my second shot." -Thoughts on existence

"I guess you shouldn't have played with me." -When dealing the final blow

"I" - Fading

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PostSubject: Re: Lyx Character Sheet   Lyx Character Sheet I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 3:58 pm

I kindly request that Bale be added to the list under family as "Baby daddy"
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Lyx Character Sheet
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