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 Xiron Character Info

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Lord Knight Xiron
Lord Knight Xiron

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Basic Info

Name: Xiron (Technically Rixxon)
Also Known As: Lord Knight Xiron, L.K. Xiron, The Knight, The Tin Can, The Member that Never Was
Proof of Existence: The Green Spirit
Weapon: Proficient in the use of all kinds of swords, and mid-sized bows. His Nobody weapon is a set of short spears that levitate of their own accord, called "Knight's Vengeance"
Elemental / Power: Metal / Bravado (passive)
World of Origin: The Four Kingdoms


Bio's & other Info

Original Name: Xiron (hence the Rixxon); he discarded his Nobody name and chose to keep his old one.
Age: Physically 20, Chronologically 23
Gender: Male
Race: Nobody (currently)
Occupation: Captain of the Hunters (before Nobody); Scout (as a Nobody)
Lesser Nobodies: Chessmen and Dragoons

Physical Description
Hair: Black, usually shoulder-length
Eyes: Hunter Green
Complexion: Fair
Height: 6' 2.5"
Weight: 200 something pounds
Distinguishing Marks: There's a scar going from behind his ear and down his neck, but no one can ever see it, due to his helmet. He also has many more scars, but none so deep or noticeable as the one on his neck.
Clothing/Appearance: He wears the same full armour that he wore in battle back on his homeworld, including his trademark helmet, which he never removes save for in the sole presence of those he trusts most. Over top, he wears a custom designed Organization coat (see my gallery). Otherwise, he has a plain looking face with a pointed nose that is crooked from being broken 3 times, and an eye that looks constantly swollen.

Personality: Although he stays quiet and in the background of most everything, he has been known to be the driving force of some operations. Usually impersonal and antisocial, he can be very protective over the things he cares about and the things that remind him of home.
Traits: Secretive and dark, but not uncaring. Somewhat deceiving in that he will not let on to the truth until you figure it out for yourself.
Skills: He was known as the greatest swordsman in the world before he became a Nobody, being defeated only once in the skill, and being known to take out entire fleets on his own, without delivering a single fatal blow. Fairly good with a bow, and can be both a kind and strict leader at the same time.
Likes: Dueling, His Past, Ale, Training (both himself and others), and learning new skills
Dislikes: People who are full of themselves, people who believe themselves to be superior when they are not, cheaters, the use of magic in battle unless absolutely necessary, and people who don't do their jobs.
Strengths: Excellent Swordsman, physically and mentally strong, has an excellent hold over his element, determined, and can read people's strengths and weaknesses.
Weaknesses: Stubborness, annoyed easily, and cannot bring himself to kill anyone he cares about.

Background: When he was born as a Nobody, he refused his new name, and, with the help of Raxen, returned to his homeworld and took his old armour and sword
Family: His real parents, Heldar and Trion, were murdered when he was young, and his adoptive father Prag was taken by a fatal disease. He always thought of the Hunters as a sort of extended family, especially Dyril Half-Elven, who he thought of as an older brother and mentor. Recently, he has become a part of a rather strangely connected family within Organization Eternal, involving Jinx, Xirak, Mesarix (who adopted him as a dad), Xejan, Xabel, Xeros, El, and Zed. He is soon to be a father as well 8D
Friends: Padraig Firetongue, Dyril Half-Elven, Raxen, Sarxalis, Roxus, Jinxy, Xabel, and Xeros
Enemies: King Padraig, Raen *deceased*, Bale, Relix, the Armoured Lords, and anyone who threatens the Hunters, the Organization, or Jinx.

History: As stated above, Xiron's parents were killed by marauders who burned his town to the ground. He was the only known survivor, other than a drunken guard who ran. Though only eight, he traveled several miles to the edge of the woods owned by the Hunters, an outcast group who functioned as a mercenary force. Meeting the Captain, Prag, he joined their numbers, hoping to learn how to fight in order to avenge his parents against the marauders and the guard who left them to die. Over the years, he learned much more than fighting, like how to survive in the wild, how to hunt, how to work a forge, how to give commands to his wolf counterpart, and how to walk silently through the forest. Eventually, he came upon those bandits he had searched for, and was able to outmatch them single-handedly.
For some time, he knew little of what he should do, having accomplished the goal that he had strived solely for for years. It was then that he realized that Prag, who he had come to think of as an adoptive father, had been grooming him not to take his vengeance, but rather to succeed him as Captain. The Captain had joined the Hunters when he was cast out of his home for a fatal disease he carried that the people of the north often feared, and was nearing its final stages. So, he began using his skills to lead his people on their mercenary missions in place of Prag.
When he was 17, he found the half-eaten body of a Lord Knight of Aldruin who had been overtaken by wolves in the wood. He took the body back to the Hunters' burial grounds and buried him as tradition dictated, but not before acquiring the man's sturdy armour, which had withstanded the attack when his body had not. In his own small forge, he reshaped the armour and helmet, and made them his own. Already an excellent fighter, he dubbed himself a Lord Knight, the highest rank of the Aldruese army. When not leading the Hunters, he would go out on his own to make his name as the best fighter there was, under the guise of "The Lord Knight Xiron" or "The Green Spirit." Soon, few questioned his status, and he become something of a living legend.
It was only a few months later, however, that the Captain of the Hunters, lay on his deathbed, calling his adopted son to his side. He gave to Xiron the blackened sword that distinguished the Captain from the other Hunters, and dubbed him The Lord Knight Xiron, Captain of the Hunters of the North. He died that day, and Xiron was left to command the Hunters.
When on a bounty three years later, he met with a Captain of the Guard of Aldruin who he recognized. It was the drunken guard who had left his village to burn. There was no hesitation before the blade of the Captain rent the guard's chest. In his fury, he was tackled and disarmed by the guard's host, and dragged off to Caer Aldruin, where he was imprisoned. He was released after a week, to see the King for judgment. The King he met, however, was not the King who sat on the throne when he was captured. This was a battle-hardened man in armour not unlike his own, glaring at him through tiny slits in his helm. He recognized this image from statues he had seen, and from stories he had been told. This was the Dragon King Padraig, dead for nine centuries.
He did not stop to ponder it. He argued his case (heatedly) against the King, who tossed fiery words right back. Their debate ended in a challenge, and they met on the field of combat the next morning. Xiron succeeded in disarming the king, but was taken by surprise when fire came from nowhere, called upon by the Dragon King, proving his namesake. Xiron was bested by the mage, but set free to return to his people, warned that war was coming and that his people needed to prepare, for the Dragon King would call upon them.
Xiron heeded his words, and returned swiftly to prepare his people. When the men of the Dragon King appeared, they were ready. They marched off to war.
Xiron headed his people through the war, become close with the leaders of the armies of Aldruin and Valorence. He became friends with Padraig, and the other Lord Knights, although they still refused him true entry to their order. He also became Padraig's chief military adviser, second only then to the Dragon King himself in terms of warfare.

Affiliation: The Hunters & Raxen. Otherwise, he simply chooses whichever side he feels will aid him the most.
Status: Is in a strong relationship with Jinxy.


Fighting Style

Xiron's fighting style varies often, depending on who/what he is currently fighting. He adapts easily to new environments and foes, and often let's his opponent gain the upper hand at the beginning of a battle so he may learn how better to defeat them.

His usual style for a single, skilled enemy is powerful strikes with The Captain, using the Defender for defense only, and often spins, letting momentum carry his strikes. Sometimes ends his spins with kicks to surprise his foe.

When fighting many different enemies at a time, he switches his Defender from defense to offense, and uses quick strikes from both swords to take out enemies as quickly as possible. Spins wider, faster, and more often.

When fighting a single or a few powerful enemies, he uses both swords for powerful forward attacks, abandoning speed and spins for power and force. Uses both swords for defense if necessary. Attempts to find his foe's weak point before spending much energy. Sometimes uses jumping attacks.

If he feels he should use his power in the fight, he will usually just stamp on the ground, causing a massive steel pillar to shoot up from the ground, throwing his foe into the air. He can also create domes of steel around himself or allies to protect them from attacks in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, when against multiple enemies, he will create copies of his official Nobody weapon, the short spear, from metal around the area and send them hurtling at the enemy.

He can also use his power over metal to send himself flying faster (using his armour to pull him) or to levitate better. He can also stab his sword into the ground, and use the metal around the area to turn it into a different weapon. If he feels that he needs an ally, he can create one (that strangely resembles King Padraig) to fight alongside himself.

He may also use the metal on an enemy to drag them closer or throw them farther.


Limit Break

Limit Mode

Prior to executing a Limit Break, Xiron enters a Limit Mode. He usually does so almost without thinking when he has been heavily injured in battle or his "emotions" are running high. He will combine his swords together into one massive claymore, called Last Stand, or his spears together into another called "Reminiscence" (or both). Once in this mode, Limit Breaks can be activated at will. However, activating a Limit Break will leave Xiron heavily weakened.

Brave Heart

Bursts into purple flame and levitates (something that Xiron usually doesn't do, despite being a Nobody). His armour melts and begins to spin around his body blindingly and his sword(s) spin opposite, the two acting as a shield. Any metal objects in the area are instantly melted and blend into a massive tornado of molten metal and plows into any enemy in the area. Any nearby allies are covered in metal shield domes to prevent injury or death.

(See Chapter 8 of NR for this attack)

Last Stand

Ignoring his injuries and fatigue, Xiron launches a berserk attack on all his enemies, glowing with golden flame. All of his attacks become stronger, and his magic does not deplete his strength at it usually does. He is not affected by any attacks during the period of his limit break. He often uses this mode after difficult battles, when he is already cut and bruised, as it lets him fight stronger while his opponent gets weaker, and ignore his injuries for a while.

Stawlart Fury

His sword, usually one of his claymores, bursts into green flame. He drives through a single enemy four times, and then strikes downward on them. Each hit deals huge damage. He can use this attack either on the ground or in the air. This Limit Break requires less of Xiron's strength to activate, and does not involve much of his element, so it is easier for him to use.


Lesser Nobodies

While he controls what remains of Xaldin's Dragoon Nobodies as well, he also created a line of Nobodies called Chessmen. They are slightly taller than a full-grown man, and are similar to Berserker Nobodies in appearance from the waist up. The only difference there is their faces are covered by a mask of twisting, pointed metal. Below the waist, however, they are simply a wide cylinder.

The Chessmen appear in groups, and wield a weapon based on a different chess piece. Kings/Queens weild heavy claymore-like swords, Knights wield pikes, Bishops wield spear-like staves, and Rooks carry spiked shields. They can also drop from above onto an enemy.

Their Reaction Command starts up a game of chess, if enough of the Nobodies are present, and the only way to win is by hitting the reaction command at the right time in order to start the game as a checkmate. Otherwise, the reactor is attacked by the King and Queen Chessmen for high damage.

They appear alongside Dragoons, acting as defense for the Dragoon's offense. They can be a deadly force, even without an Organization member to lead them.
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Xiron Character Info
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