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 Villain's Vale

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PostSubject: Villain's Vale   Villain's Vale I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 07, 2009 11:09 am

The former headquarters of Maleficent and her league of Villains. From here, she orchestrated the downfall of Radiant Garden and the capture of the newly named Hollow Bastion for her own use. When the castle was won back by the original inhabitants, Maleficent and Pete retreated to the Villain's Vale to set forth a massive attack of Heartless against the grander castle, aided by Organization XIII without knowing it.

The Villain's Vale is a spindly golden fort filled with dimly lit chambers and hallways, sparsely decorated with the Heartless symbol and motifs from the Villains who resided there. Beneath the great Heartless crest on its front is a circular meeting room with a small raised dias in the center. Below the fortress are the ruins of a small town, likely destroyed long ago by the Heartless.
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Villain's Vale
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