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We are what doesn't exist, our predecessors failed but we are here to pick up the pieces again. You cannot kill what doesn't exist. Welcome to Organization Eternal
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The forums are now officially open! Welcome Organization Eternal Members!
Come on guys. We need to get this place more active!!! Nothing's happening around here! Please send any suggestions to Raxen, Yamx, or Xiron.

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 About Us - Organization Eternal

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PostSubject: About Us - Organization Eternal   Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:11 am

The Story:

20 years after the fall of Xemnas and Organization XIII, a young man and his love fell to the Heartless. The man awoke to find himself a Nobody, and his love a lowly Dusk. He vowed to find a way to return her heart. And so, like Xemnas before him, he created an Organization of Nobodies.

This first Organization failed, but the young man, Raxen, with his right hand man Xiron, and the Dusk-girl Amaya, persevered and created a second Organization while others were springing up around them. Focused in Memory's Skyscraper on the World that Never Was, they called themselves Organization Eternal.

Important Facts:

OE takes place 20 years after the downfall of Organization XIII.

Organization XIII was destroyed by Sora, Riku, and Axel. They no longer exist. They faded into darkness. THEY ARE NOT HERE.

According to our storyline, other Organization clubs exist alongside us, in the same timeframe.

We live in Memory's Skyscraper. NOT in the Castle that Never Was or Castle Oblivion. The Altar of Naught is NOT connected to our building, nor is the Proof of Existence.


Unfortunately my friend, no no you cannot. This forum was made for the sake of having a forum, as the site where we regularly reside, does not have that ability. We mainly live at ORG-ETERNAL.DEVIANTART.COM, please do not join here first thinking you can introduce yourself and rp away. Please join up at, which only costs you a moment of time, visit our DEVIANTART PAGE and talk to us about joining. Thanks
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About Us - Organization Eternal
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