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 The Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: The Rules of the Forum   The Rules of the Forum I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 05, 2009 2:34 am

Keep in mind that this is similar to the rules in the chat. Oh My God? We expect you to act just as good as you do in chat? What a shock!

  • Listen to anyone who happens to stumble upon this club and think it is a good place to join. We are a Club on DEVIANT ART; Organization Eternal with nearly 80 members If you are not part of it, you cannot expect to sign up on this forum and immediately join in our rp, doing so will receive immediate banning. If you are an artist, or not, a writer, please join deviant art and try to join us there where we will be more than happy to help you join..

  • This is a forum for our member's role playing, and it differs far from the chat room. Starting most importantly of all, with the way posts are made. We expect long thoughtfully made out paragraphs to help further the story. Not quick one to two word posts. This is a more serious roleplay here, and we expect effort on this.

    1. Rax: *sips coffee* (where it would be accepted on chat, it is NOT here Mad )

      2. The superior left his room, a daily routine as he slipped on his jacket. A designed coat of ebony and ivory colours, gold embroidery and his organization's logo put into the front. He didnt bother to zip up his coat as he lazily made his way into the elevator and pressed ground floor. The doors snapped shut and opened just as quick to give way to the Skyscraper's main floor. "Do we have any coffee ready?" He asked before sprawling out his arms in a yawn and making way to the kitchen area.(OK! Very Happy)

  • I know this may be very hard for you to get at the beginning, it's very hard to explain. We have in each and every topic, worlds and locations. If your character is in that certain location, that is the ONLY area you can post in, you cannot be in more than two places at once and trust me, we will know. The only way to navigate around the area is to go through each connected part. Say that you are in the First District, trying to reach the third, you must PASS THROUGH THE SECOND DISTRICT in order to reach it, if not using the doors that lead to it. Going to a place to fast, or portaling, which we can all do destroys the excitement and wait in the rp that makes forum roleplaying more enjoyable than in chat.

    I hope you get mainly what I'm saying your character has to do to get around. When you character has moved to a different thread, please use this: " Character HAS MOVED TO Location" on the end of your post.

  • Be respectful of all members. Do not be rude, use good judgment in what you say and do. We are not saying that you need to be friends with or like every member of Eternal, but do not be openly rude to members. If you have anything to say, please talk to us the Moderators and Admins about your complaints

  • Do not flame, bash, etc. Give constructive criticism, and be polite about what you say. Remember that this is focused on role play, not ooc, as you can hopefully see, we have a thread for all that. Also there is the chatbox at the bottom of the page, where I expect people will also be to listen to complaints

  • When RolePlaying, DO NOT GODMOD. This has become a large issue here, and we are going to start cracking down on it. You will receive two warnings if you are caught godmodding, and upon the third, you will be banned from the forum for two weeks. The fourth time risks permanent banning.

  • Also on the subject, roleplay somewhat realistically. Your character will not always know what is going on or where people are. Respect other roleplayers, and realize the difference between out of character and in character actions and speaking.Also we expect wounds not to heal over night, wait one, maybe two days and then have them be in top fighting condition, that's all we ask

  • Do not GodMod. Your character may be powerful or a good fighter. That doesn't mean they get to stab a person at will and instantly kill them. Be realistic in fighting and power usage. Your character should get injured or tired during fights. GodModding will result in warnings and eventually a 2 week ban from the forum. Continued GodModding will result in permanent ban.

  • We in the chat are a tight-knit community. If you have problems, feel free to discuss them. However, try not to clog up the rp with personal problems. And refrain from arguing within the chat as much as possible. Start too many arguments, you will face the same punishment as GodModding.

  • This place is not, I repeat NOT for mainly romance rps, nor is it for any sexual discussions. I understand that your character will probably be attracted to and/or flirt with another. But this will not mean making a thread in order to have hanky panky, we come from a place where there is a chat and instant short messages. Please use that in place of here, or face banning

  • In terms of secondary characters and ocs, or plot ideas or events. Only we will give the go for these. You must contact us with the oc, the information about them, and then if ALLOWED, make a second account for them. Same could be said for contacting us with the event's details, and WE not YOU will carry said plot out with your help

  • For Disney Characters/Final Fantasy Characters, we will also carry this duty out as roleplaying them, not you

  • NO spamming, asking if a character is going to respond to you or not, we have a place where this can be done. Our chatroom

  • New Rules and regulations will be added along the way, but for now this all I can possibly think of to write down, most of you are responsible rpers that read the rules yes? Then once you have finished this, report your OC to Character Introductions in order to make it know that you've joined the forum. Other than that, have fun
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The Rules of the Forum
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