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 Rising Falls

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PostSubject: Rising Falls   Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:50 am

found at the very entrance to what remains of Hollow Bastion. It sets the tone of the world with a broad vista of ice, water upon which one might, strangely enough, walk, and the view of a majestic, if twisted, castle in the distance against a rosy, twilight sky. The mechanism by which one is able to walk on water in Hollow Bastion is never actually explored, though his first chance to do so is upon his entrance into this world.

The Rising Falls itself is a water-filled valley in the shadows of the castle, in which some ruins of either fallen parts of the castle itself or pieces of the town that ostensibly once stood there may be found. It appears to be a reverse-rift in a large body of water from which the water actually rises and flows into the large reservoir that appears to surround what remains of Hollow Bastion. If one jumps into a bubble floating above the water, he can travel underneath it for a few seconds. Icy platforms raise and lower themselves in the air
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Rising Falls
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